What do we believe?

Love Jesus

The core of Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. He is central to all that we do as Christians.

Our lives should give expression to our faith in Him, as we listen to His teaching, pray in His name, serve Him in every aspect of our lives, trusting in His life giving death and resurrection.

Love Barrow

The Christian life is not meant to be lived in isolation – we need one other. Christian communities need to model to the world all the fullness and richness of what living under the lordship of Jesus looks like. It should also be seen as we engage with the social, economic and welfare needs and opportunities in Barrow, seeking the well-being of people in our local communities, as we serve them in practical ways.

Teach the Bible

We believe that God speaks to us with clarity and life-changing power through the Bible – through the Bible, we can know God and be equipped to serve Him. His Spirit changes us through His Word, applying it to our hearts and lives.

Share the gospel

Christians are called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to those around them – we recognise that God has put us in our communities in South Barrow for this purpose.