Renewal of Wedding Vows

There may be a time when you want to come to church and renew your marriage vows. You can have this kind of service even if you weren’t originally married in church.

It’s possible to renew your wedding vows any time after your wedding day, regardless of whether you had a church wedding or not. It’s a bit like a marriage refresher and is often used on special anniversaries, or even after a period of difficulty in a marriage. The Church of England ceremony is called ‘Thanksgiving for marriage’.

Some couples have used it in other ways, for example if they want to have a low key civil wedding, or a civil wedding abroad, but still want a significant church service for family and friends at home. It can be designed to be intimate or grand. It’s possible to have this service at either St George’s or St Aidan’s, providing the church and the clergy are available at the time and date you’d like. It is also possible to have it in a venue other than a church building, providing the vicar taking the service is happy with that.

There is no required (statutory) legal fee for this ceremony, but it’s quite likely there will be some costs. Couples tend to offer a donation to the church as well as covering the cost of extras like the church organist, flowers, heating or the help of a verger. These will incur some cost at the church’s usual rate. Ask in advance to check if there are going to be any fees involved for the kind of service you want.

Rings can be blessed as part of this service too, either your existing wedding rings, or perhaps you have special rings, like eternity rings.

If you are interested in renewing your marriage vows please contact us.